Jan 19th

The Skotch Davis Experience

The Skotch Davis Experience
                                                      By Natasha Jordan "NJ"


Fans of true hip hop music these days know there are a handful of artists who can be counted on to deliver just that each time they step up to the plate.    Skotch Davis is what we consider a hip hop home run king.    Even more impressive is that the Harlem native, who’s latest project was just released “Skotch Tape” is rapidly becoming one of hip hop music's most unique renaissance men.   In this new era of music you will not find many artists like Skotch who can drop an incredibly hot 16, work on the production of their music, while launching their acting career and tweet about it all at the same time.   

Skotch’s career is truly taking off yet the Harlem breed is not overly confident just yet, believing his perseverance to have taken him far already and hoping to continue on this path so long as his passion for the music prevails.   In the midst of his fast moving stream, he sat down with NJ from MelodicHustle.com to discuss the music scene, Harlem dreams, and among other things – the life of an artist.



MelodicHustle.com:  Skotch, how would you describe your musical style for a reader whose meeting you for the first time today?

$.D:  I try to stay away from classifying my music because my job is to make it.   It's the listeners right to label if need be.   I truly just write record and at times produce what I feel.

MelodicHustle.com:  Okay so if you had to describe your music in three or four words, excluding hip-hop how would you describe it?

$.D:  Progressive, Clever and Audible! 

MelodicHustle.com:  How did you get the name Skotch and what does it mean?  Something tells me there is a meaning behind it! 

$.D:  (laughs) there’s no wild and crazy story behind it.  It’s just a nickname given to me by a cousin.  Honestly, it was an accident.  I would say the definition of Skotch is like that of the drink.  I get better with age. 

MelodicHustle.com:  Smooth answer! (laughs)  Who would you say inspired you to become involved with hip hop and at what age did you begin your journey?

$.D:  Hip-Hop was the genre of choice to be the voice of my generation.   So naturally, my growing up in the inner city of New York allowed me a ton of hands on experience with Hip-Hop.   To not say I have been engaged in the culture since birth would be inaccurate.  

MelodicHustle.com:  Does anyone in particular influence your musical talent?

$.D:  My Father for sure!  He's what I feel can be classified as a musical genius.   He's fluent in a number of instruments not to mention being well versed in many musical genre. 

MelodicHustle.com:  That really explains a where you get a lot of your versatility from.   It's etched in your DNA!

MelodicHustle.com: Which somewhat leads me to my next question! What is Skotch’s favorite album of all time?

$.D:  That's too tough of a question to honestly answer!   I imagine that's like asking James Bond what his favorite mission was.   Each one offers something different to appreciate with each experience. 

MelodicHustle.com: (laughs)  Okay! well what’s the hottest bar you ever heard an MC spit?.  Excluding your own of course!  

$.D:  Damn, another one of those questions huh?!   For the sake of not avoiding to give one answer again... I'll say Canibus,

"Every word I utter for hip- hop lovers, will reflect forever like 2 mirrors facing each other."

MelodicHustle.com:  Damn! That is hot! Now tell me what’s your thought process when you're creating a hit?

$.D:  For starters, I don't put the pressure of making a "hit" on myself.   I just try to be honest as possible when writing the lyrics and I try to capture and convey the emotion of the track.

MelodicHustle.com:  That’s real!  What can fans expect to see at a Skotch Davis  live performance?

$.D: Another stage being destroyed!

MelodicHustle.com:  If you could record and or perform with anyone in the world, either departed or alive who would it be?  Why?

$.D: Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Paul McCartney, Billy Preston & Buddy Miles.   I'd give my left arm to have them as my band.

MelodicHustle.com:  What do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your musical career?

$.D: It's still on its way.

MelodicHustlecom:  What has been the biggest challenge for you in this industry?

$.D:  Finding outlets for all these ideas, I have in this mind of mine.

MelodicHustle.com:  We all have our own preconceived notions about how artist make it to the top.   In your opinion what determines who gets to the top of the hip hop game?

$.D:  Its all about the artist that has a plan and is wiling to make the proper adjustments to whatever the people are looking for.  You have to supply the demand or create it.  The artist that keeps that in mind usually climbs their way to the top.


MelodicHustle.com:  How would you define SUCCESS?

$.D:  I was told "Success needs no explanation and failure has none".  Success usually speaks for itself both spiritually & financially so I believe the true meaning changes with the individual.   If you’re accomplishing YOUR goals and avoiding having to explain your mishaps, you’re succeeding in my book. 

MelodicHustle.com:  With that being said I would say you’re seeing great success as an independent artist, what happens when the major labels start knocking at your door? 

$.D:  I'll assess where I'm at and answer accordingly. 

MelodicHustle.com:  Do you have other interests and or talents that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us today?

$.D:  I really enjoy doing production on my music and for others.  Expect a lot more of that from me.   Acting is another avenue that I'm going to be spending a lot more time exploring as well. 

MelodicHustle.com:  That will be a great look!  So we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the industry.  Tell me!  What does Skotch like to do in terms of fun and relaxation.   How do you spend your time away from the music?

$.D:   I like to travel, read and sports of course!  I really do like traveling and learning about the places I visit.   Gaining knowledge on their historical and  geographical relevance.   I have a few other past times as well. Hahahahahahah.... 

MelodicHustle.com:  (erupts with laughter)  So what is your ultimate goal.  When it’s all said and done!  What’s the legacy you want to leave for generations to come!

$.D:  I'm still figuring it out you know.  I do know that I want to leave a positive & progressive impact on my community and society as much as I want to in music.  You must give as much if not more than you plan to receive and the universe will make sure you are remembered. 

MelodicHustle.com:  Okay Skotch let's have a little fun!  I’ll start a sentence and I want you to finish it with the first answer that pops in your head! 

MelodicHustle.com:  Without Hip- Hop, Skotch would be......

$.D:  In a band playing.  A Rock/R&B/Folk song band. (laughing)!

MelodicHustle.com: Hip Hop is......

$.D:  Youthful but not young anymore!

MelodicHustle.com: My music makes me feel......

$.D:  Liberated!

MelodicHustle.com:  Skotch is the truth because......

$.D  He believes in the truth!

MelodicHustle.com:  I truly appreciate you taking time out your busy schedule to connect with MelodicHustle.com.   Before I let you go, let us know what we can expect from Skotch Davis in the near future?

$.D: More Music. More Hustle. More Creativity. More Cool!

Jan 20th

The Mic Handler Of All Trades


The Mic Handler Of All Trades

                                                                                                 By Natasha Jordan "NJ"


Are the days of Da Vinci dead?  Is it possible today, at once, to be a world-class painter, musician, inventor, writer and more in a world that believes that you have to specialize to thrive.   Hell yeah it’s possible and Mic Handler is the definition of a modern day Da Vinci. 

Yes, it's rare to find an artist whose work can be found in virtually every google search.  Google the Brooklyn breed entertainer Christopher Rogers otherwise known as Mic Handler and you will find him linked to the world of music, modeling, and designing.  Just because I mention designing last doesn’t mean take it lightly.  He has worked with fashion power houses such as Mochachino, Sean John, Azzure, D Vizionz and Gino Green Global to name a few.    

Handler is one of the most extraordinary talents in the hip hop industry today.   I would call him a fashion designer or a graphic artist perhaps a hip hop artist maybe an entrepreneur sums it up well but it all would still be an understatement.  

We all know that old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” I guarantee you it does not apply here.    I actually have a better saying, “Whatever he touched turned to gold.”    Although 2011 has been extremely busy year for Mic Handler, MelodicHustle.com caught up with him to discuss his role in the new  hip hop era and to learn more about the man behind the microphone.


MelodicHustle.com:  What made you want to pursue a career in music following such a successful career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur?

Mic Handler:  Well what’s actually funny about that is I have been pursuing music since the 6th grade so I had a handle on my musical aspirations long before I realized that there was a place for me in fashion.

MelodicHustle.com:  How would you describe your musical style?

Mic Handler:  I am the product of big Daddy Kane, Chip Fu, Treach, Busta Rhymes and Rakim.  I’m energy and animated aggression wrapped into wit and flow rooted in integrity and respect for my craft. I Love Hip-Hop.

MelodicHustle.com:  Okay so what exactly would Mic Handler bring to the game?

Mic Handler:  That’s extremely hard to say because I’m a plethora of things.  I’m the Swiss Army Artist (smiling).  See I’m an entertainer, I write, I produce and I design.   I’m a Graphic artist, I’m an A&R, I’m a Senior VP, I’m an Owner, I’m a Manager, I’m a President,  a host of a video count down show in LA, and I co-own an artist development company.  And that’s all currently. (laughing)

MelodicHustle.com:  (chuckles) so you’re what we call a modern day renaissance man. You do it all!

Mic Handler:  I think I have by far a wider range of perspective when I approach any aspect of the game.  In all honestly I don’t know anyone else with this resume and back story.  I’m actually pretty renown for every aspect of what I am.  I think that’s unique. I approach every aspect as if it is all I do.

MelodicHustle.com:  Wow! You give the title independent artist a whole new meaning with your resume.  Now you currently have total creative control over your projects as an independent artist, what happens when the major labels start pursuing Handler?

Mic Handler:  I’m not sure what’s going to happen then (laughs), I actually deal with a lot of the majors now as either the manager for multiple platinum producers or as an A&R consultant over at Gang Land/Def Jam.  I have no real interest as an artist in signing to a major.   I get way to dizzy to fast for these 360 scenarios their offering (laughing)…but not to say that I wouldn’t do a short term situation to take advantage of there marketing vehicles.

MelodicHustle.com:  It’s not uncommon to hear people say that New York hip hop is not getting the support that it has in the past?  Being a Brooklyn native, what’s your out look on that?

Mic Handler:  New York Hip Hop has to change its perspectives and approach to records.  For years we New Yorkers have been at the fore front of the hip-hop culture and music but what happened is we opted not to evolve with the progression of the art form and the fans did.

MelodicHustle.com:  I agree there has been tremendous progression in hip hop music.  However, what do you think the hip hop game is currently missing?

Mic Handler:  I think the game has started to lack integrity.   I think the home studios, pro tools, logic set ups, you tube and 10 dollar digital distort deals have made the game far too accessible.   Just look at Soulja Boy!   Sure that worked, the kid actually has talent but how often are you truly seeing that.   Everyone can do it so it makes everyone doing it not as impressive and average.  You used to have to work extremely hard to get heard.  Now all you have to do is click and upload!

MelodicHustle.com:  (laughing) Which leads me to my next question. I’m not sure if you checked out the BET Top 10 rappers of the 21st century show?  If you did, how did you feel about The Top 10 Rappers of the 21st century list they cam up with ?

Mic Handler:  I DIDN’T … (laughing) …moving on!

MelodicHustle.com:  Okay moving on! (laughing) So whose Mic Handler’s favorite MC of the 21st century?

Mic Handler:  I don’t have a favorite MC.  I like them all for different reasons.  The ones I like at least!

MelodicHustle.com:  That’s fair enough! But for every hip hop artist there is always someone who made you want to rhyme.  Who was that for you?

Mic Handler:  Will Smith, (laughing)  “Parents Just Don’t Understand” was the very first rhyme I knew by heart, after that it was a love of music.  I was a singer at that point in my life so it just drove me to want to pursue performing.   I didn’t start rapping until the 8th grade.   At that point the BUSH BABIES were close to my personally and I would have to say the influence of Baby Face, Kayos and Mr. Man had become very pivotal in my decision to go after this.

MelodicHustle.com:  Is there any artist you’re looking forward to working with?

Mic Handler:  I’ve actually got the chance to work with a majority of my wish list in one capacity or another but I would have to say if anyone it would be JAY.   His creative process is crazy.

MelodicHustle.com:  What about super producers who’s on that wish list?

Mic Handler:  That’s easy! Fantom of The Beat, Al West, Freedom Lyles and maybe Self Service that would be my Dream Team.  Then I would special guests Scott Storch, Dr. Dre and them dudes. (laughing)

: What can we expect from Mic Handler in the near future?

Mic Handler:  Everything!  There are so many irons in the fire.  It’s hard to say.  I'm now ofiically a Bucktown USA Artist, affiliated with the whole BootCamp Click, Helter Skelter, Smiff n Wessun, Black Moon, OGC...it could get no better for a Brooklyn Emcee!  Why Aint I On The Radio Vol.2 is going to be the first Associated Project.  Look for me on REACH Magazine Tv which will be airing in LA hosted by J-Love and myself, all over Southern California.   “The Mic Handler is KARNAGE” project is shaping up well.   “The Artistic Deception” project is about done.   ZEPH’s project is about ready to go for 2011 on our Fantom Music label.   Thats gonna be dope!    Placements on the Ghost Face “Supreme Clientele 2 album is gonna be crazy!   Busta Rhymes “Extinction Level Event 2” project should be ill.    LA Media and Edifx we have some heat cooking for our television ventures and look for me on Cartoon Network/AdultSwim in 2011 playing “KL” on the hit new adult cartoon “The Stoop”  I mean just grinding it our crazy…I mean, if you know me….then “You Know Me”..

reach flyer BACK.jpg

MelodicHustle.com:  (laughs) Is it anything else you want to let the people know?

Mic Handler:  Look out for your boy and the whole Fantom Music Family, The IMMG team.   Also look out for the National Museum of Hip-Hop honors to be apart of that infrastructure.  Look out for Red Tape clothing, Sole Athletics footwear and C.Angels lounge wear for the ladies.   For all of you business men and women with credentials and capitol look into joining “The Association” in Gramercy Park New York, it’s an extremely exclusive club in association with “The Players” that’s tremendous!   And of course Reach Magazine TV on direct Tv, Dish Network, Charter, Mediacom and TimeWarner. Please check your local listings.

Mic Handler:  Thanks NJ for showing me love and this was an interview I was more then honored to do.

MelodicHustle.com: The honor was definitely ours here at MelodicHustle.com.  Just keep the MH family posted on all things Mic Handler.   Everybody make sure you support The Mic Handz movement, don't get left behind.   WHY I AIN"T I ON THE RADIO VOL.2" is coming sooner then you think.    I can’t think of better way to end this interview, then to show one of my favorite classic Mic Handler joints , Check out “Its  Like”  video posted below.


Jan 22nd

Buckshot On the Leading Edge of HIp Hop Education!


 Buckshot On the Leading Edge Of Hip Hop Education

                                                                              By Natasha Jordan                                                                                            Buckshot.jpg

Being the next Hip Hop Idol really comes down to one thing only in Buckshot’s eyes: That’s the” The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry.”  On January 25th Buckshot will do something in hip hop that has never been done before.  He will bless the hip hop community with a leading edge hip hop educational guide book.

In this dynamic 80- page hard cover book will include an A-Z guide on the basics of the Entertainment industry in which Buckshot emphasizes the importance of being knowledgeable about your craft.  He then transitions to the 'Framework,' or inner-workings of a music label and the final stage, Buckshot unveils 'How It All Works,'  Buckshot understands that sometimes no amount of words will do a subject justice.  So he also includes a 16-track album with original Buckshot music based on the concepts from within the book.    And if that’s not enough readers will also be blessed with a recorded series of educational interviews conducted by Buckshot himself with people who play the roles of various positions highlighted within the book.

“The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry” will be available on January 25th the hard-cover book is the same size as a standard CD digipak.  The inside, back cover will include a CD insert with original audio from Buckshot.   The book can be found in the audio section (Under 'B') at Best Buy, FYE, Borders & other independent record stores.  In addition to the hard-cover book, e-book formats with full color photos will be available at outlets such as iBook, iTunes, Kindle Amazon, Sony Reader and Barnes & Nobles.


If you’re like many MC’s who want success and you have tried everything that everyone said you should do and everything that you can possible think of this hip hop educational series was created with you in mind.  Here’s your opportunity to learn first hand from one of the greats.   In the first visual you’ll be presented with Buckshot explaining the basics behind creating a record.  He works alongside Young Piff, the winner of Boost Mobile & HOT 97's Summer Jam MC Battle. Buckshot is truly making hip hop history with this exclusive entertainment industry guidebook.   Like I always say, the new era of hip hop is here, it evolving and moving rapidly.  Don’t get left behind! 

For more details about ” The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry.”  Go to  http://www.duckdown.com/commonknowledgy/ 







Jan 24th

WOW! 50 Cent Claims He's Had WorldStarHipHop Seized!



50 Cent sent a tweet out to his 3,888,543 million followers  taking credit for shutting down Worldstar.   So like everyone else I went to the site to find that something was definitely wrong!   After doing a little research, heres what I found the problem to be.      

In 2009 during an  interview with Atlanta’s own DJ Greg Street, this what 50 had to say regarding WorldStar   “I got a lawsuit against WorldStar for utilizing my likeness.  “A lot of people thought that was my site because they saw my face on the cover of an infringement with iRobot for a long time. They should really be nice to me, because I have lawyers and retainers. I pay them so much anyway that we’ll just go back and forth in court until you can’t afford a Subway sandwich.”

You learn because I’ve been in circumstance where I’ve sat through depositions and I’ve been sued for different reasons,” 50 added during his 2009 interview with Greg Street. “I understand the process now and I write that expense off as the price of business…it’s already too late.”

50 didn't make his way up the charts  as one of the most hated hip hop figures of today by playing nice.   It goes without saying that WorldStar pick the wrong damn face to use on the cover of their website when they first launched.  Whether 50 cents is behind the site being down or not, the lawsuit is still alive and well.

As far as World Star owner is concerned the website is down due to server issues.  He appeared on Angie Martinez' Hot 97's moments ago and basically  denied 50 Cents accusations.  He stands firm that  the website is down due to technical difficulties, not because of the lawsuit 50 Cent has presently pending.

Here what the WorldStar had to say to Angie Martinez,  "It's a technical difficulty, not Homeland Security  It's not a hacker, it's more less like some difficulties with the site itself as far as our server. We constantly have to upgrade.  We've been down before, the most was 8 months. We got hacked last year, or other times we've had problems before.   It should be up shortly.  I see 50 cent put my # out there. But shout out to 50 Cent, it's great promo.  We missed a message, but my technical team is on it.  It should be back on shortly. I don't want to put a timeline on it, but it's should be back up in about 24 hours."

Well According to 50 cents Worldstar is just one among the three sites  that will shut down this week!  So stay tuned!