WOW! 50 Cent Claims He's Had WorldStarHipHop Seized!

Published by: NJ on 24th Jan 2011 | View all blogs by NJ


50 Cent sent a tweet out to his 3,888,543 million followers  taking credit for shutting down Worldstar.   So like everyone else I went to the site to find that something was definitely wrong!   After doing a little research, heres what I found the problem to be.      

In 2009 during an  interview with Atlanta’s own DJ Greg Street, this what 50 had to say regarding WorldStar   “I got a lawsuit against WorldStar for utilizing my likeness.  “A lot of people thought that was my site because they saw my face on the cover of an infringement with iRobot for a long time. They should really be nice to me, because I have lawyers and retainers. I pay them so much anyway that we’ll just go back and forth in court until you can’t afford a Subway sandwich.”

You learn because I’ve been in circumstance where I’ve sat through depositions and I’ve been sued for different reasons,” 50 added during his 2009 interview with Greg Street. “I understand the process now and I write that expense off as the price of business…it’s already too late.”

50 didn't make his way up the charts  as one of the most hated hip hop figures of today by playing nice.   It goes without saying that WorldStar pick the wrong damn face to use on the cover of their website when they first launched.  Whether 50 cents is behind the site being down or not, the lawsuit is still alive and well.

As far as World Star owner is concerned the website is down due to server issues.  He appeared on Angie Martinez' Hot 97's moments ago and basically  denied 50 Cents accusations.  He stands firm that  the website is down due to technical difficulties, not because of the lawsuit 50 Cent has presently pending.

Here what the WorldStar had to say to Angie Martinez,  "It's a technical difficulty, not Homeland Security  It's not a hacker, it's more less like some difficulties with the site itself as far as our server. We constantly have to upgrade.  We've been down before, the most was 8 months. We got hacked last year, or other times we've had problems before.   It should be up shortly.  I see 50 cent put my # out there. But shout out to 50 Cent, it's great promo.  We missed a message, but my technical team is on it.  It should be back on shortly. I don't want to put a timeline on it, but it's should be back up in about 24 hours."

Well According to 50 cents Worldstar is just one among the three sites  that will shut down this week!  So stay tuned!











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